Buttah Skin by Dorion Renaud Tea Tree & Aloe Exfoliating Scrub 3oz – Multi-Tasking Cleanser – Tea Tree Oil & Kaolin Clay…

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TEA TREE & KAOLIN CLAY PURIFY & CLEANSE – Our gentle face scrub starts as a detoxifying mask, using mineral-based Kaolin Clay to purify your skin and absorb oils and impurities. Tea Tree oil helps clarify and clear skin, leaving your complexion with a soft, matte finish. These deeply purifying ingredients are the perfect match for acne-prone skin and preventing the appearance of breakouts prior to them starting.
POLISH, SMOOTH, AND REVITALIZE YOUR COMPLEXION – Our exfoliating scrub uses Eco-Beads to gently exfoliate and lift away dead skin cells and impurities. This skin polishing cleanser cleans out pores and smooths your complexion leaving behind radiant, polished, and glowing skin.
SKIN AS SMOOTH AS BUTTAH, BABY – Get the benefits of exfoliation without irritation through the calming properties of soothing Aloe Vera. Our Aloe facial cleanser softens, hydrates, and nourishes your skin with antioxidants as you exfoliate. Our gentle face exfoliator is great for all melanin-rich skin types, especially breakout-prone skin. After just one use, your skin will feel deeply cleansed, baby-soft, and smooth as Buttah.